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We are committed to sustainable development, and our mission is to add a beauty to your life by providing high-quality and beautiful glassware.

JIATENG Glassware Manufacturer
We can provide the latest in glassware making and back them with a national & international network of direct sales, service, and technical support. 
With deep-rooted values in craftsmanship, innovation, art, and beauty, we blend techniques, stories, people, companies and ideas.
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Jiateng Glass is an experienced innovator in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality borosilicate glassware. we produce a complete line of borosilicate glass products, including Double/Single wall glass cup, Glass Teapot, Water carafe, Wine decanter, Glass jar, Water bottle, Glass dome, and etc.
We can provide the latest in glassware making and back them with a national & international network of direct sales, service, and technical support. Qualified with BSCI, LFGB, FDA and SGS certificates, our products have been exported to over 50 countries, mainly in Europe, North America, The Middle East and Southeast Asia.
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Classification of Glassware

Focused on glassware production for 8 years,Jiateng prides itself on crafting most of our products with premium borosilicate glass
 – a lead-free and cadmium-free material that does not retain stains, odors, or potential pathogens.
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Professional Testing Certification
Professional testing agency certification,Select high quality borosilicate raw materials, low lead and mercury content, the product is safer, more assured.
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International Quality Certification
27 years of processing and production experience more skilled technology precipitation, production process standard​​​​​​​.
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Customized product service​​​​​​​
The proofing time is 3-7 days, the samples show high efficiency, the strength of the big factory can be 10,000 per day, the delivery time is more guaranteed​​​​​​​.

Tea Set

Each crystal clear, borosilicate glass teapot is designed to showcase the visual beauty of blooming teas and whole-leaf teas. Borosilicate glassware is considered to be the healthiest choice for brewing tea and ensuring your tea tastes as pure as possible.


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