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How To Make A Geometric Glass Terrarium

Views: 230     Author: Jiateng GlassWare     Publish Time: 2023-05-12      Origin: Glassware Factory


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How To Make A Geometric Glass Terrarium

What Is A Geometric Glass Terrarium?

A geometric glass terrarium is a type of decorative container made of glass with a geometric shape, typically in the form of a cube, pyramid, or other three-dimensional shape. It is designed to hold plants or other small objects and can be used as a tabletop centerpiece, desk decoration, or even as a hanging ornament.

These terrariums are often made of clear glass, allowing for easy viewing of the plants inside, and may have a metal frame or base for added stability. They are typically small in size, ranging from a few inches to several inches in height and width, and can hold a variety of plants, including succulents, air plants, and small ferns.

How To Make A Geometric Glass Terrarium

Creating a terrarium is a popular DIY project, and there are many online tutorials and guides available to help you get started. To create a geometric glass terrarium, you will need a container, plants, soil, and decorative elements such as rocks, sand, or moss. You can customize your terrarium to fit your personal style and preferences, and once it is complete, it will add a touch of greenery and elegance to any space.

A terrarium is a collection of small, plants growing in a contained environment which is usually a glass structure. Incredibly beautiful, terrariums are also low maintenance ways to bring greenery and life into your home or office.

They’re popular with those that don’t have a lot of green space to play with, such as those who live in apartments or within city centres. They’re also ideal for those who have  allergies and can’t have a lot of indoor plants and flowers in their home.

Building a terrarium from scratch can be such a fun and rewarding way to spend an afternoon.

jt Double layer cup 1


Before you start thinking about building your very own terrarium you’ll need to get your supplies! 

Here are the things you need:

1.Container (with or without a lid & preferably transparent so you can see all the wonders inside! We sell empty terrarium containers that you can buy.)

2.Soil (any potting soil will do but you can get special mixes for succulents & cacti)

3.Small stones (small stones or pebbles will act as a base for your terrarium to ensure excess water doesn’t accumulate in the soil)

4.Some small tools (just to make putting it all together that little bit easier!)

5.Plants (and finally the all important greenery! We’ve dedicated a section below to the best type of plants to include in your terrarium)

Build a terrarium add soil


Because your plants are going in a container it’s best not to get plants that are too big. But it’s fine to have a mix, such as moss and air plants. So long as they fit.

Some of the best plants for terrariums include:

  1. Air plants
  2. Ferns
  3. Moss
  4. Starfish plants
  5. Nerve plants
  6. Succulents
  7. Cacti

If you’re opting for succulents and cacti in your terrarium it’s best to get a container without a lid as these types of plants don’t like conditions to be too humid! If your container does have a lid don’t worry, you’ll just have to periodically remove it when things get too steamy!


Next, Jiateng Glass ware teach you how to make geometric glass terrarium,Now you’ve got all your DIY terrarium supplies you’re ready to get started on actually making it! And it’s really quite simple. Here are the four steps to making your terrarium:


First you’ll need to cover the bottom of your terrarium with your small stones or pebbles. The bottom layer of small pebbles will act as drainage for your terrarium and should be around 1-1.5 inches thick.


When adding your potting soil you’ll need to add enough so that it’s deep enough for your plants to root into it. We recommend a layer that’s about 2.5 inches.


It’s best to begin with your larger plants so you can get them in place first. You’ll need to remove the plant from its container and prune the roots as you would do when repotting any plant. Before you place your plant in the terrarium dig a hole in the soil that’s big enough to accommodate the plant’s roots. Then you’re ready to tuck your plant in! Then you can add the smaller plants. Work from the back towards the front but feel free to really make it your own. There’s no real right or wrong when it’s your terrarium! Just have fun with it.

Please be careful when handling cacti!


Once your plants are all in place and you’re happy with the arrangement add another layer of pebbles to finish off your terrarium. It will also help to keep the plants in place. Now is also the time to add some personality. If you want to add fairy lights or little trinkets you can do.

Then all that’s left to do is find the perfect spot in your home for your terrarium to live!

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