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Are Double Walled Glass Mugs Better?

Views: 206     Author: Jiateng Glass Ware     Publish Time: 2023-01-20      Origin: double walled glass cup


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Are Double Walled Glass Mugs Better?

The 7 Best Glass Coffee Mugs, According to Baristas

With so many ways to brew coffee and more high-quality beans on the market than ever, coffee enthusiasts want a variety of vessels to sip their beloved caffeinated beverages.  And let's be honest: You could probably benefit from an upgraded mug collection, too.  That's where sleek and functional glass coffee mugs come into play.  Along with our own on-the-ground research, we connected with coffee experts and baristas to find the best glass coffee mugs to add to your drinkware collection.The best glass coffee mugs are both durable and stylish, made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass with double-walled insulation to keep your coffee or tea piping hot.  We've found your new favorite everyday mug, on-the-go mug (that you won't want to forget!), high-end mug, and more.  Keep reading for our top picks for the best glass coffee mugs, from retro-inspired picks to sustainable options that you'll reach for every single morning.

Our Favorite

For serious coffee drinkers, borosilicate glass with double-walled construction offers durability, thermal shock resistance, and heat retention. Glass mugs call for gentle care, with most manufacturers recommending hand-washing them. The coffee mug that most stands out to the experts and aficionados we consulted is the Bodum Bistro.

Factors to Consider


One of the biggest factors to consider is size. How much coffee do you really drink? If you measure it out, you may be surprised. Many of these glasses are 12 ounces or less, which equates to 1.5 cups or less. You'd be shocked by how many of your coffee mugs hold more than 16 ounces, as bigger mugs are popular. Take an honest look at your coffee consumption (in one sitting) before deciding which glass mugs to invest in.

Glass and Construction

Double-walled borosilicate glass offers everything you want in a glass coffee mug. If a glass mug isn't double-walled, it will lose heat more quickly and/or feel hot to the touch. Other materials, like soda-lime glass, are more prone to breaking. Peek at the fine details before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are glass coffee mugs safe?

    Yes, most glass coffee mugs are made of durable materials and can be used safely. You have to be more careful with glass mugs that do not have double-walled construction or are made of more fragile materials. But most glass on the market is made of glass that's resistant to thermal shock and can easily hold a hot cup of coffee.

  • Can glass coffee mugs go in the microwave?

    Reheating your coffee in the microwave in a glass mug depends on manufacturer details, as you'll find that recommendations for handling the same materials vary from brand to brand.

  • What's the best way to clean glass coffee mugs?

    The best way to clean glass coffee mugs depends on the type of glass and construction. Check with the manufacturer's details before washing your glass mug. Most tempered glass mugs can handle the high heat of the dishwasher and can be washed on the top rack. For borosilicate glass with double-walled construction, many manufacturers recommend hand-washing, as water can get in between the walls on a vigorous wash cycle.

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